Saturday, August 04, 2007

Because the memory makes me happy

Sometimes that's enough.

And sometimes, that's everything.


McB said...

Look, off in the distance ... is that a kayak?

I think I just found my new screensaver.

Jennifer Talty said...

I can think of other things that make me happy... future things that make me happy... things only I am the master of that make me happy...

orangehands said...

love the view. *sigh* i've had views like that. i want to go back to them now.

glad your friend's son is doing good. that's really great news.

yep, MCB, my new screensaver

Louisa said...

This is a gorgeous image. Seems a shame to contaminate it with words. Well, two words seem appropriate: Thank you.

Mary said...

Waaah :(

(Translation: "Damn, I wanna be there not here.")

Mind you, I wouldn't mind being somewhere else either:

Napili beach, Maui

(Ahem. Some people put place names with their beautiful photographs. Just saying. Okay, that's not right. Just nagging. There. That's accurate.)

BTW, I just discovered that my own blog is back up and working again, i.e. I can access it. What should I say?

jenb said...

It makes you relaxed by just looking at the beauty of it.
Paradise indeed!